Summer Reading

Image  After a challenging semester of reading in various areas of discipline, including systematic theology, preaching, and western history ranging from the French Revolution to Postmodernity, I decided to take a two week break from rigorous academic reading. In those two weeks I limited my reading to sermon preparation and a couple of books on leadership. Grateful for the mental rest, I now feel ready to begin my Summer reading plan. My reading for the Summer, in addition to reading Garrett’s two volume Systematic Theology, will be focused on the doctrine of revelation and its relationship to preaching. Some of the works are pastoral, most are academic.

Summer tends to be my favorite time to read, as my daily pace is significantly slower, allowing me to read at a much more relaxed pace. I usually spend the first hour of the early morning on the back porch reading. After a workout, I spend the rest of the morning preparing for sermons, and perhaps, a brief meeting. After lunch, I will make any pastoral visits that need to be made as well as focus on any administrative needs. Then I read from 3:00 until I go home around 5:00. If I do not have any evening activities involving my family or the church, I will try to spend a few moments reading at home. This makes for an enjoyable and constructive Summer.

Christian Theologies of Scripture: A Comparative Introduction ed. by Justin Holcomb

The Sufficiency of Scripture by Noel Weeks

Living and Active: Scripture in the Economy of Salvation (Sacra Doctrina) by Telford Work

Scripture and the Authority of God: How to Read the Bible Today by N.T. Wright

Proclamation and Theology (Horizons in Theology) by William Willimon

Preaching and Theology (PREACHING AND ITS PARTNERS) by James Kay

A Clear and Present Word by Mark Thompson

Models of Revelation by Avery Dulles

Biblical Authority: The critical issue for the body of Christ by Jimmy Draper

Doctrine of the Bible by David Dockery


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